(Work In Progress)

The concept reveals the feelings of grief, defeat and refraction that have taken over the Egyptian divinities, those who were once the gods of one of the greatest cultures in history, when they found it difficult to accept the future, with what it holds of murder, injustice, and suffering and realized that chaotic human behavior has a power which surpasses their civilization.

In a certain moment, they just decided to leave all this glory behind and run away from their painful reality and undetermined future. We will meet them in their exile, out of their context to discover that even if they are lucky to escape with their bodies their identities will left behind, in another sense, extraction from the root does not necessarily mean extraction of its memories, on the contrary, the echo of the memories grows louder with time passing till logic loses its mind.

Hapi, God of The Nile, is one of the five ancient Egyptian deities presented in my ongoing project (Alienation).

Hapi is one of the famous divinities in ancient Egyptian religion. He is the god of the Nile’s annual flooding. He is the lord of the fish and birds. He is the lord of the river bringing vegetation. Hapi is typically depicted as an intersex person with a large belly and pendulous breasts as representations of the fertility of the Nile. One of the most famous legend related to him is the pride of the Nile, where a young virgin was chosen from among the most beautiful women in the land and thrown into the Nile as a sacrifice to the river god Hapi.